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What is place-based media?

Posted by Glynnis Reilly on Jul 5, 2016 5:48:50 PM


What is place-based media? Excellent question. With the digitization of media content and the popularization of the Internet, it can be confusing to peg down a proper definition. Let's start with a few basics.
According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, place-based media “encompasses a wide variety of formats that are specially located where particular groups congregate for a variety of purposes.” To take it a step further, place-based media audiences exist due to the primary role the place or location plays in a person's daily life.  With few exception, the audience is overwhelmingly determined by lifestyle and location. Additionally, those audiences do not necessarily consume the media because of a desire to seek out it's content (primary exception is Cinema).  When phrased that way, is place-based really that much different than many other forms of OOH media?  We'll leave that debate for another day.  Some examples of place-based media locations include:
  • Office Buildings
  • Health clubs
  • Nightlife venues
  • Shopping centers
  • Gas stations or convenience stores
  • Doctor's offices
  • Pharmacies
  • Theaters

Because of this location diversity, place-based media networks can vary widely in terms of how captive their actual audiences are, how long the average ad viewing engagement lasts, and the media types and positions within venues. 

Like all good OOH, it’s primed for digital formatting. In fact, digital place-based media generated over $1.02 billion in revenue last year. It’s also “expected to grow at a rate of 10-12% annually,” according to research conducted by the Digital Place-based Advertising Association (DPAA).

As we have mentioned before, 70% of consumers' waking hours are spent away from their home. OOH media, including place-based, allows brands to target consumers in very specific ways as they go about their day-to-day lives.

Place-based media is just one of many terms you need to know. Learn more by downloading our free glossary:

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