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Job Description: Sr. OOH Buzzword Specialist

Posted by Human Talent and Assets Department on Apr 1, 2016 10:25:42 AM

Organization: OOH Pitch
Job Title: Sr. OOH Buzzword Specialist

OOH Pitch is looking for a Sr. OOH Buzzword Specialist to join its award-winning team. In this role, s/he will be challenged to push convention and find the most innovative ways to apply and convey the latest industry terms, concepts and big ideas from today's digitally-charged OOH media eco-sphere.

The ideal candidate must understand how to optimize credibility in an over-communicated, dense media marketplace by adding complexity and thought-leadership flavor to otherwise simple statements.  This candiate should be able to use redundant adjectives and impactful fluff to lengthen any communication style; both written and verbal. The Sr. OOH Buzzword Specialist must demonstrate an exquisite buzz-palette. 


The Sr. OOH Buzzword Specialist will work alongside digital account leads who work alongside media connections specialists who work alongside chief strategy officers. 'Being buzz-worthy' is a one of OOH Pitch's core company values, which is why the candidate who fills this role must not only be able to recall the best buzzwords, but be able to make them up as well. There may also be times when two or more buzzwords should be meshed together to form a buzzphrase of sorts, such as "evergreen amplification" or "cross-platform dwell time" or "plus-up, market-wide approach".

S/he will be brought in to counsel media teams from start-to-finish, floor-to-ceiling, with projects ranging from bleeding-edge OOH planning to out-of-the-box, one-off digital activations. Additional responsibilities include: 

  • Embellishing client-facing emails to the point where the meaning of the email is entirely lost; it is critical these emails be long enough that the client must scroll, even if the email can be summarized in one or two sentences
  • Attending new business pitches and brainstorms for sole purpose of assisting in the inclusion of fan-favorite filler words and strategies
  • Scrubbing executive bios and social media profiles and adding vague, and smart-sounding keywords 
  • Writing buzzword-rich award entries that capture the impact of mediocre campaigns, in one-page or less of course
  • Creating innovative acronyms for meaningless buzzwords; such a KIMI (Key Index for Mobile Interactions)



• College graduate with 20+ years experience in marketing, advertising or similar field

• Strong grasp of existing buzzword metrics, including but not limited to DMA, CPM, CPP, LTS, OTS, EOIs, and PG-13s

• Master proficiency in mad libs (Preferred, not mandatory)

• Ability to navigate big picture thinking in a fast-paced environment

• A natural flare for hip and trendy vernacular that bridges the gap between Milennials and Baby Boomers

• Ability to conceptualize in a 360 degree, full circle holistic approach

• Proficiency in Microsoft Office, including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, as well as using DDS, DMP's, DSP's, SSP's and the next big thing


All candidates must score at least 80% or greater in the Official OOH Pitch Standardized Buzzword Test. Take the quiz below to determine your valuation and Happy April Fool's Day:


Official OOH Pitch Standardized Buzzword Test

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