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A Signature Store Opening that Wins Big

Posted by Jennifer Seickel on Jan 19, 2017 2:11:31 PM

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Miami Beach vacationers and locals constantly have people and brands vying for their attention from passerby on the street to banners that fly overhead. Miami is not a city of wallflowers, and media programs need to be creative and impactful in order to break-through. 

In September, Pitch was tasked with helping launch a new signature store on Lincoln Blvd; an area of Miami that does not have many traditional OOH media options to choose from (think large walls, billboards, etc). Without the use of these mass-scale tactics, Pitch needed to figure out how to dominate Lincoln Boulevard and provide an immersive brand experience while achieving their goals. 

Turning up the Heat in South Beach

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Pitch’s market knowledge influenced them to work with Swoop Ride cars, a uniquely Miami company, who provides free rides to customers around the Lincoln Boulevard area in exchange for being exposed to OOH ads.

Branded iPads inside the cars played a loop of brand ads for riders’ entertainment. Brand ambassadors added a personal touch by engaging with potentail customers near the signature store and handing out branded swag. Mobile billboards cruised the streets including Miami’s famed Ocean Drive, to increase the awareness and generate hype  Additionally, projection media dominated nearby buildings, messaging directly to the night-life crowd so prevalent in Miami.

Campaigns Results: Right on Target

TMO Mobile Billboards - Miami.jpg

This campaign proved having fun and getting results are not mutually exclusive. Within three weeks of opening the signature store, the client reported a milestone achievement of over 1,000 new customers. 

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