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Posted by admin on May 28, 2012 3:23:58 AM

In my last blog, I discussed the trafficking capabilities that the ideal DOOH planning/buying platform would have. In this post I will discuss the tool’s Analytics/Compliance, Billing, Historical Program and Trend Tracking functions.
Once again, to review, the tool would have (7) major functions:
1. Network Education
2. Planning
3. Buying
4. Trafficking
5. Analytics/Compliance
6. Billing
7. Historical Program and Trend Tracking


1. Analytics/Compliance:
Analytics and compliance remains a weak spot for Digital Place-Based Media. This tool could help revolutionize the measurement and compliance of Digital Out-of-Home programs, enabling buyers to monitor their programs in real-time, giving them the flexibility and pro-active ability to monitor programs, giving them the opportunity to adjust and optimize them.

Here is how I would ideally envision this piece of the process:
a. A program begins to run. Via email, the platform updates the buyer that it has started.
b. The platform is tied directly into the play-reporting of the networks. At any time of day or night, the buyer can look at the campaign and watch the locations, watch the actual loop playing and see when, exactly which creative ran and where.
c. Certain networks that have real-time transaction information will show transactions, and buyers can monitor in case locations go dark or frequency needs to be increased in order to make impressions goals.
d. Networks whose signage is tied directly into POS systems will allow the buyer to watch—through the platform—the sales impact of a program as it runs.
e. The tool periodically reminds the network to take pictures of multiple locations and get them to the buyer in a timely fashion.
f. The tool will generate a POP document for the buyer to complete and send to the client.
g. The tool will also calculate all added value or over-delivery and arrange it into a grid that will be sent to the client.

2. Billing:
The tool will recognize the monthly billing cycles that active programs require. It will create bills monthly for all active programs. These bills can in turn be sent to the billing department of the buyer for entry and tracking or directly to the network and the client. (Or both).

3. Historical Program and Trend Tracking:
Additional capabilities of the tool will be to save all previous programs examined, programs run, prices paid. It will be able to generate charts over time of costs, the brands buying with DOOH. The categories buying with DOOH, time of year and numerous other factors to provide a continuous historical perspective of the DOOH department and a reference for all future activity.

I know, it sounds like a lot, and it is; however, it would make the industry so competitive with other advertising media, as buyers would have the entire industry’s offerings at the touch of their fingertips. The strategic decisions could be made objectively, strategically and based on pure data. All details of DOOH program planning, execution and maintenance would be streamlined and tracked—giving the buyer tremendous control and flexibility over programs, data and the medium.

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