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Posted by admin on Apr 28, 2012 3:22:57 AM

In my last blog, I discussed the powerful buying capabilities that the ideal DOOH planning/buying platform would have. In this post I will discuss the tool’s Trafficking function.

Once again, to review, the tool would have (7) major functions:
1. Network Education
2. Planning
3. Buying
4. Trafficking
5. Analytics/Compliance
6. Billing
7. Historical Program and Trend Tracking

Digital Out-of-Home displays air digital assets which are contained in digital files. Most files are created by the brand/advertiser and uploaded to the network’s FTP sites. This tool will automate the processing of these files, generating the information all parties need to traffic the creative assets quickly, efficiently and accurately.
I envision it working as follows: Immediately upon the issuance and return of the authorization and insertion order documents, the tool generates information for the creative files to be submitted.

This phase involves the following processes:
a. Generate production specs, labeling information, production due dates, and a specific client/creative code for the system to identify the creative
b. Provide a single, simple FTP location for all creative to be submitted.
c. The tool will administer all creative—loading it or submitting it automatically to the appropriate network. The system will be able to administer very specific executions: i.e. dayparted creative, creative that will run in irregular rotations, multiple creative executions, etc.
d. The tool generates the Digital Posting Instructions document for the buyer first to double check and then send to each network, reviewing the program and final location list, with directions on how and when to post.
e. Once the creative has been received by the networks, the tool will generate to the buyer confirmations that all creative is in place and ready for airing.

Almost like magic, right?

Next post we will talk about Analytics/Compliance, Billing and Historical Program and Trend Tracking.

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