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Posted by admin on Jan 28, 2012 2:18:16 AM

I was recently pondering the evolution of Digital Place-Based Media planning and buying tools. My question: What would be my ideal DOOH planning & buying tool, independent of what exists in the marketplace today? How would I envision it? What would it do?

In considering these above, I came up with the following (7) major functions:
1. Network Education
2. Planning
3. Buying
4. Trafficking
5. Analytics/Compliance
6. Billing
7. Historical Program and Trend Tracking

I decided to get more specific with these functions, in order to flesh out the nuances of this platform. Thus, this post is the first in a 5-part series about “the Perfect Platform.”

PART 1: Network Education (Pre-Planning)
An extremely important aspect of the tool would be to contain large amounts of information about each network. This information would include media kits, photos, case studies, and overviews of the networks, in-depth enough that a new planner/buyer could learn about the network from scratch by just browsing this information, or investigate the network further if it appeared on a plan. The education section would include:
a. Updated Media Kit: This kit would be comprehensive, covering all aspects of the network, its origins, its development and the media itself
b. Venue Descriptions: Venue-specific information discussing audience and niche
c. Basic Required Information: Research, dwell time, impressions, CPM’s, etc
d. Market Lists: Presence and scale along with maps
e. Contact Information: For more information and to build relationships
f. Uploadible overview pages: For use in media plans

The above would serve both as pre-planning education and reference as media plans developed further. Stay tuned for the following entries of my blog as we explore the next (6) functions of the perfect tool.

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