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Posted by admin on Apr 3, 2011 2:19:04 AM

After 10 years in the media business, PITCH has recently begun to grapple with a burning question: How do we shape the future of Digital Out-of-Home? This blog is the beginning of our answer to that challenge.

On behalf of PITCH, I wanted to cordially welcome you to the very first installment of my new blog. The content of this blog will pertain to the current state of the Digital Out-of-Home industry from the perspective of a boutique media agency.

Before even beginning to answer the above-mentioned question, I had another, simpler question: What should my blog be called? In order to answer that, I had to think about what, exactly, I will be writing about. Will I expound upon the virtues of the digital signage industry? Pontificate about grandiose themes of the greater advertising world? Detail the technical intricacies of burgeoning networks?

My goal is simpler: I will offer my personal views of the state of the industry. I want to convey my point-of-view of this confused and fragmented but exciting space and how it will evolve.

That is why I have decided to call this blog “One Screen at a Time.” First, the name fits because, after all, we are talking about signage. Secondly, I like the title because it suggests that we must learn in increments, gradually moving toward the goal of knowledge. Just like me, the entire industry is moving slowly towards gaining more information. Some may argue that we aren’t learning in increments; rather, we are hurtling toward enormous growth and exciting futures. Well, I agree, in some ways but in other ways I disagree, and I will discuss such issues in future posts. Thirdly, even though we aggregate numerous screens to build networks and programs, the title is appropriate because first we must build them one screen at a time.

I hope you find the coming posts entertaining, challenging and thought-provoking. I look forward to your feedback so we can discuss the issues prevalent in our industry and move forward with strong vision and a sense of purpose.


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