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Posted by admin on Feb 26, 2014 10:51:08 PM

2013 was a precedent-setting year for us here at PITCH in terms of DOOH usage and implementation. We executed a much wider range of digital network programs than ever before, and we used them in a variety of ways. Some of these campaigns were “standard,” while others would definitely be considered innovative. We discovered new ways of integrating the medium into other media for a holistic approach, and the results have been very positive.

1. Media-Neutral Strategies
: The programs moved beyond “Video-Neutral” to “Media-Neutral.” What we mean by this is that we did not just implement campaigns that crossed several video outlets, but also included static media. The hierarchy of importance in these campaigns was reaching a particular audience, so digital and static media was used interchangeably as long as it targeted the desired audience.

2. Interactivity: While we certainly built some programs out of screens and measured impressions, we also structured programs with media that was interactive, so that we could directly measure engagement on a one-to-one basis, determine audience and click-through rates. We built in surveys to determine the consumer’s reaction to the media to use these findings in future programs.

3. Large-scale dominations: Cutting through the clutter of large-scale signage in Times Square, we synched a dozen signs to play over the course of a set time period, turning the entire square into our brand’s experience. These huge signs have now assembled the capabilities to work together in perfect synch off of internet-based timers, so such programs are completed without the need for expensive third-party intervention.

4. Geo-Targeting: We executed entire programs based around geo-targeted advertising to minimize waste and drive customers to certain retail venues. These programs were highly targeted and used some of the simplest but best of DPB’s capabilities to reach a particular audience in a particular place of relevancy.

As far as 2014 and beyond, for us it’s less about the advances in technology and more about how to use these advances. Our belief is that screens will not only continue to be everywhere, but they will also become more and more powerful. What we mean by powerful is that they will become more engaging, fun, playful, personalized and interactive. The DPAA will have to amend its “Video Everywhere” tagline to something like “Interactivity Everywhere.” This interactivity – as we have said many times in the past in our writings – will take the form of touchscreens, gestural interaction, and, especially, mobile interactions.

The future looks bright for the industry, as long as those involved remain vigilant, continue to think and innovate, and to accept and integrate the other related media capabilities that work synergistically with DOOH. None of the “new media” out there is a threat because it can all be used within our own parameters to produce more effective advertising campaigns.

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