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Ad Trends: 3 ways to Integrate Out of Home and Mobile Media

Posted by Jennifer Seickel on Dec 23, 2015 4:26:16 PM


If 70% of consumers' waking hours are spent away from home, what better way to connect with them while they're on-the-go than on the mobile device they are almost always carrying with them?

As a consumer, the device you carry with you naturally ties-in to your visual experience out of the home. Media professionals that are not prioritizing mobile as part of their OOH strategies are ignoring a large opportunity to engage and understand audiences. 

Below are 3 key ways to integrate your mobile and OOH advertising in 2016.

1. Leverage location-based technology

Using location-based technology, advertisers can create virtual perimeters around areas outside of the home to target users on mobile devices. This brings new life to traditional OOH strategies and can create a mobile extension to an OOH campaign.  

In addition, all types of new insights can be gleaned from the abundance of mobile data that exists in today's connected and mobile world.  This allows advertisers to gain a stronger understanding of consumer location behavior and to optimize media effectiveness along the path to purchase.

Converged OOH and mobile media campaigns not only excite marketers who have fallen into a stale pattern with their OOH strategies, but they excite potential customers to take profitable actions.


2. Offer valuable OOH mobile experiences, not just ads 

In today's fragmented media environment, engagement is often as important if not more than brand awareness. Getting customers to know your business or your client's business is great. Getting them to interact or transact with that business is even better. Mobile ads that allow for positive engagement foster advocacy and strengthen brand relationships.

As a recent example demonstrates, T-Mobile wanted to reach North American travelers and alert them of their new Mexico and Canada Unlimited calling and text offerings. To do so, T-Mobile messaged travelers on laptop and mobile devices at airports in key markets. The messages offered travelers a free WiFi session courtesy of T-Mobile. Travelers were given the option to learn more about the T-Mobile promotions before and during their WiFi sessions. As a result, over 13% of users were directed to the T-Mobile website as a result of this targeted, valuable offer.  In addition, brand favorability increased by 9%.



3. Elevate your ad campaign with two-way communication

An excellent option to interacting with consumers is to offer them the opportunity to submit their own responses to your ad. With 60% of social media activity taking place on mobile devices2 social media is a prime platform for doing so. Through dedicated hashtags that are promoted on OOH platforms such as digital bulletins, consumers are encouraged to submit their own user-generated content such as photos and videos that bring brands to life. This content can then be celebrated by showcasing users' photos and videos on digital billboards in real time, as just one simple example.


Mobile advertising is one of our top trends for 2016. See the full report for free by clicking below:


2016 Ad trends Report  

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